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UPDATE.. Thursday 1st March 2018


Setting CLOSED due to bad weather


Just some info....


During free flow play, staff are able get to know all the children across both rooms.

Don't forget you can talk to us at anytime, if you need a bit more time we can arrange a time that ensures we can give you our complete attention.


Did you know Panda has its very own Breakfast club for preschool children? See the Breakfast club page for more details.


Please don't forget you are most welcome to come and play for an hour or so with us during term time. Just let a staff member know or pop your name on the list in the foyer.


If you have any ideas for topics we can do with the children, if there are any special skills you would like to share please let us know.


I have popped a couple of links onto to our link page for information on how children learn. One is a video from CBeebies that I found very interesting about Schemas and play behaviour. The other is a parents guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage (Our curriculum). It has some ideas you can try at home with your child. - early years has ideas and information.


To help our children learn phonics in setting we teach them to distinguish letter sounds in words ie c - a - t or b - ee. BBC has a wonderful program called Alphablocks that supports this learning. It has some lovely videos to watch on the cbeebies website. We think its worth a look.


Please remember that due to the nature of our role and for the safeguarding of our children no member of staff is allowed to be friends on facebook with a parent from the setting.




Charlie (Preschool Assistant, Panda Preschool)

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