Settling In

Settling In

Panda Pre-school is committed to ensuring that your child feels secure and happy in the absence of their parents, as this is essential if your child is to play and learn successfully.

To achieve this we aim to achieve the following:

- A parental visit with the child.

- We can offer one hour sessions to help your child settle with us.

- Ensure that the individual needs of the child and parent are met.

- Each child has an allocated Keyperson who will be your main contact.

- You will be invited to meet with the Keyperson to discuss how your child has settled in.

- Introduce children that are new to the group in small numbers, over a period of time.

We will also make sure that the parents are settled by giving you plenty of information about your child's activities and welfare.

At Panda Pre-School we believe in:

 - Praising and rewarding positive behaviour.

- Providing good role models prompting acceptable behaviours.

- Discussing issues with children.

- Giving your child the language with which to express themselves.

- Providing a stimulating and developmentally appropriate experience for your child.

- Providing equipment and materials through which your child can play out their feelings.

- Providing a high ratio of staff to children.