September 2022 - September 2023

  • Chairperson          Annie Dowling

Role                      Manage the committee members

                            Plan and manage meetings

                            Maintain confidentiality across the committee where                                        appropriate

                            Liaise with the manager and staff

                            Fundraising co-ordinator

  • Vice  Chairperson   Trudy Webber 

Role                      Support and assist in every aspect of the Chairpersons                                    role. Grants and applications.

  • Treasurer             Kim Felton

Role                      Arranging floats for fundraising events.



  • Secretary/ Social media          

     Role                     Support the administration of the committee

  • Panda  Post          Alison Morris   

Role                     Manage and arrange for distribution of termly newsletter.

  • Active Committee Members

Lynsey Giles

Martin Webber

Sophia Cummings

Charlie Langford

Nakita Holland

Janine Ditch

     Role                    To actively participate in committee meetings and support.

  • Website              Charlie Langford

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Committee please use the contact form below or contact the setting and speak with Alison Morris, Manager.